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  • Glutinous rice dumplings with Lotus root

    Glutinous rice dumplings with Lotus root

    With sticky rice and rice as dumpling wrappers, it is fried after filling with shredded lotus root. Golden color and crisp skin, its filings are loose and savory, which is famous along the Dongting area.And the methods to make this delicacy are as-follows:
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  • Zhejiang Sweet and Sour Pork Fillet

    Zhejiang Sweet and Sour Pork Fillet

    It is reddish in color, sweet and just a little sour, crisp on the outside and tender on inside.One of the well-known dishes in Zhejiang Cuisine, this dish is popular among all the people regardless of age or gender. Everyone loves its special taste of sweet mixed with sour, its freshness,
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Bull Head Feast

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Bull Head Feast

    Have you ever had a whole bull head with groups of people outdoors? Bull Head Feast is one of the most famous and traditional feast of Tujia people.Bull Head Feast in Tujia can trace back to thousand years ago.It is said to be the chieftain who was in charge of Tujia people and ruled the army to fight against enemies.In order to encourage soldiers vitality and confidence,
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  • Chow Mein

    Chow Mein

    Chow Mein is a rich source of nutrition and has many health benefits including improving digestion, anemia and immunity. Extremely popular in China and all over the world, this stir-fried noodle dish comes in many varieties. Cantonese Chow Mein is the most famous in Western countries.
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  • The Dish of Loach Drilling through Tofu

    The Dish of Loach Drilling through Tofu

    This dish especially has rich nutrition, special taste, and perfect beauty, which is a wonderful gift for Tujia people to entertain guests.
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  • Sichuan Twice-Cooked Pork

    Sichuan Twice-Cooked Pork

    Twice-cooked pork is a Special Sichuan Cuisine but has a warm welcome in zhangjiajie. It is red and green in color, rich in taste. The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy.
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  • Xiangxi Bandit Duck

    Xiangxi Bandit Duck

    ZJJ Xiangxi Bandit Duck is a very delicious, popular and traditional food in Xiangxi.Speaking of Xiangxi Bandit Duck,many people wonder how could a duck be called as a bandit.It is really a very funny and strange name.
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  • Sangzhi Salty Dried Bean Curd

    Sangzhi Salty Dried Bean Curd

    Sangzhi is an important county of Zhangjiajie. And Sangzhi salty dried bean curd is a kind of local specialty in Zhangjiajie City,Hunan province. It owns a good market in Changsha, Wuhan, and Guangzhou, and enjoys a good reputation in Hunan province. During Xianfeng period in Qing Dynasty, Sangzhi salty dried bean curd is listed as articles of tribute.
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