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  • Zhangjiajie Gilded Imperial Brush Peak

    Zhangjiajie Gilded Imperial Brush Peak

    After several days’ torrential rain, Imperial Brush Peak which located in Tianzi Mount scenic spot becomes glittering. It was reported that Imperial Brush Peak has published on the “Beautiful China”a group of stamps issued by State Post and gained international recognition and reputation.Here the photos of Imperial Brush Peak gilded this morning shot by tourists. Although, the weather varies from day to day, Zhangjiajie sceneries still attract seas of travelers at home and abroad.Given the changeable weather in the summer, travelers are requested to take considerate preparation into consideration so as to ensure a safe and satisfying journey in Zhangjiajie. Preparations such as waterproof clothes, comfortable shoes and insect preventing medicines are necessary.By Aileen
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  • Yuanjiajie avatar mountain

    Yuanjiajie avatar mountain

    People walk on the mountain’s edge, and clouds rise from beneath the feet.As you tour Yuanjiajie, you are made to sense an intimacy with the mountains, so much that you get the impression you could almost touch them. A multitude of peaks arise from the deep valley, making their appearance all of a sudden. When you least expect it, a rush
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  • Zhangjiajie Bailong Elevator

    Zhangjiajie Bailong Elevator

    Zhangjiajie Bailong Elevator (Chinese百龙电梯),is a glass elevator built on the side of a huge rock in the Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie, China,1070 ft (330m) high,The construction of the Bailong lift began in October 1999, and was open to the public in 2002.Claimed to be the world’s tallest glass elevator, Bailong Elevator is built onto the side of a huge cliff in Zhangjiajie and takes you a whopping 1,070 feet high. It is the highest outdoor elevator in the world and it has three Guinness world Records i.e. World’s tallest full-exposure outdoor elevator, world’s tallest double-deck sightseeing elevator and world’s fastest passenger traffic elevator with biggest carrying capacity but due to the potential harm caused to the surrounding landscape, its future remains uncertain.
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  • Yangjiajie-One of  "Four Beauties"

    Yangjiajie-One of "Four Beauties"

    Yangjiajie abuts on Zhangjiajie in the east and Tianzi mountain in the north, covering 34 square km. it consists of three parts: Xiangzhistream, Longquan valley and Baihouvalley, in which there are altogether over 200 scenic spots. At Xiangzhi stream, one sees undulating peaks extending into the distance and limpid brooks winding along the deep g
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  • Zhangjaijie Baofeng Lake Hanging Waterfall

    Zhangjaijie Baofeng Lake Hanging Waterfall

    There is a waterfall flowing from a 200 height. It looks like a white silk that hanging from the sky. During the rainy days, people can see the rainbow across this waterfall. And during the flood season, it looks like a dragon flying in the sky.It is located at the entrance of Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake Scenic Area.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

    Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

    Zhangjiajie Tianzi mountain nature reserve enjoys a reputation of “Grand potted landscape, mini fairyland”. Its wild primary scenery is the masterpiece of nature. There are four scenic wonders there, namely Cloud Billows, Moon Brightness, Sun Glow and Winter Snow, you would not want to miss.Located in the northwestern part of Wulingyuan Scenic Zone, Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve boasts rocky peaks in grotesque shapes and shrouded in drifting mist. The highest peak is 1,260 meters (4,130FT) above sea level and provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Waterfalls, bridges, stone forests and caves are found throughout the mountains. There are not just beautiful landscapes, but also simplicity, peculiar folk custom and local folk food of special flavor awaiting the arrival of visitors.Translated by Sophia
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  • Wulingyuan Shentang Bay

    Wulingyuan Shentang Bay

    Zhangjiajie Shentang Bay is also named Shentang Fort.It is located between Yuanjiajie and tianzishan. It is a gorge shaped like a huge basin walled by lofty precipices. The bottom of the gorge is veiled in mists and clouds all day, adding to its mysteriousness.As the saying goes, the most beautiful scene is seen from the most perilous peak. There are almost no roads to Shentang Valley, only a quite dangerous flight of stairs that is as wide as a foot being available. What peculiar is that visitors can hear sounds of gongs and drums, neighs of battle steeds and shouts of men echoing from the bottom. Nobody can give a reasonable answer to this mystery. Therefore, Shentang Valley was a forbidden place in Wulingyuan and a puzzle for hundreds of years.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Imperial Garden

    Zhangjiajie Imperial Garden

    Imperial Garden refers to the garden belonging to the Chinese emperor. In ZJJ Yuanjiajie, People will find another imperial garden belonging to The God. When people find a giant rock which may block the way, just turn around it, and there is a marvelous scene behind it. About ten peaks are standing straightly, while green rivers are surrounding them.Translated by Sophia
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