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  • Couple Rock in National Forest Park

    Couple Rock in National Forest Park

    Near the Cableway station and 400m away from the back slope of Tianjiatai, lies the scenic spot, Couple Rock, where two peaks like a couple hug intimately with each other, whispering in a low voice.It is clear to see the profile of human of two mountains in a far distance, their faces, eyes, brows , mouths, noses, teeth and hair are so vivid.The folks called them as the incarnation of Cupid. It is said that if a couple worship the Couple Rock and pray before it,, they will live to an old age in conjugal bliss and inseparable forever, for puppy lovers, it will wish a happy marriage with loyalty and honesty.So, if you have your significant one, bring him or her here, may you a happy ending!By Brenda
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  • Jinbian stream's Eagle Nursing Whip

    Jinbian stream's Eagle Nursing Whip

    Passing down along the Jinbian stream about 500 meters away from the Guimen peak, a 400-meter solitarily upstanding magnificent peak,known as Jinbian cliff can be seen. Jinbian cliff is one the famous attractions of Wulingyuan scenic zone. The top part of it is slender while the lower part of it is wide. It has rectangular edges with its facets covered with stripes of joint. This formation of flagella makes it look like a whip vertically plugging into the earth. When the sunset comes, Jinbian cliff was coated with golden sunlight, sparkling and dazzling, forming an eye-catching and splendid picture.According to the legend, Qin Shi Huang ,first emperor of Qin (259-210 B.C.)in order to consolidate his rule after he unified China ordered all of his subjects to build the Great Wall with huge rocks. Goddess Kwan-yin sympathized with those slave labors, so she cut off a lock of hair her own hair and gave it to them to drag the huge rocks. Qin Shi Huang thought now that a hair could heave away a boulder, if the hair was plaited into a braid, cannot it remove a mountain? Hence, he collected all the hair and braided it into a golden whip. As expected, the golden whip is so powerful in helping built the Great Wall. Then, Qin Shi Huang named it “mountain-rushing whip” and announced to use it to remove mountains and fill up seas.This announcement irritated the Dragon King, so he called on his shrimp soldiers and crab generals to discuss countermeasures and then figured out a plan.One day, Qin Shi Huang met a fascinating girl who looks like a fairy. He was absolutely infatuated with her and decided to make her his imperial concubine. Actually, this girl was the Dragon King’s daughter and she was planning to steal the golden whip. At the wedding night, the girl found that Qin Shi Huang kept the whip with him all the time, therefore, she asked him to take off the whip before coming into the bedroom. Qin Shi Huang agreed and held a celebrating feast. The girl made him drunk and replaced the real golden whip put under his head with a fake one. Next day, Qin Shi Huang found that the girl had gone and the whip was faked. With great anger, he ordered his solders to seize the girl. Knowing that she can’t escape successfully with the golden whip, she had to toss it. As a result, the golden whip was left by the Jinbian stream, becoming the Jinbian cliff.Translated by SophiaZJJ park-Eagle Nursing WhipZJJ park-Eagle Nursing WhipZJJ park-Eagle Nursing Whip
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  • Zhangjiajie Fengxi Mountain

    Zhangjiajie Fengxi Mountain

    Situated in the west of Tianzi Mountain inside of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Fengxi is named for a stone being semblable in shape with phoenix head. Being puce in color, the stone extrudes out at top which makes it look just like phoenix mouth. With green trees and fresh bamboo covered on the stone, it looks just like unfolding phoenix screen. Plenty in caves, flourish in forest and elegant in mountain, Fengxi Mountain is a land full of wild joys. Down from west of the mountain, it will lead you directly to Golden Whip Stream.Fengxi Mountain is not only of natural beauty, It’s also charming because of its legendary past. At the waist of the mountain, King Xiang, the leader of uprising army of Tujia nationality ever built yard here. It is called Great Courtyard of Family Xiang. Now, Only relics remains. Opposite this mountain towers another precipitous mount on where your eyesight could far reach to five kilometers. It is said that King Xiang once set sentry post on it to monitor situation of enemy. Thus, this mountain is called Sentry Mountain. Besides, In the Fengxi Mountain, There are also scenic spots called Walking and Chanting Quzi, Tianzi Well, Chaplin Rock, Solitary Girl with Umbrella and so on.Mount Fengxi is a scenic spot you have to visit. There’s folk song which fully expresses the charm of it that “Picturesque Fengxi Mountain is beautiful with mount top to heaven and people looking like fairy”. Once you comes to Mount Tianzi, Don’t miss Fengxi Mountain, A place worthy of your visit.By Patricia
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  • Yangjiajie White Crane Lawn

    Yangjiajie White Crane Lawn

    Yangjiajie Scenic Area is one of the must-see attractions in Zhangjiajie. Yangjiajie is located in the southwest Zhangjiajie, Next to the Tianzi Mountain.ZJJ Yangjiajie, There is a lot of wonders. White Crane Lawn is a rest place for white cranes, thus it gets the name. If you have a chance to appreciate white cranes here, you will find a life of Shangri-la. The best time to enjoy scene in White Crane Lawn are morning times and evening times. In the morning, white cranes will spread their wings and begin to fly with dulcet tweets. And in the evening, white cranes come back with the dusk scene as the background. They will play with each other for a period, and then, become quiet gradually in the night.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Monkey Slope

    Zhangjiajie Monkey Slope

    At the end of the ten-mile gallery, There are jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, green and luxuriant forest, and small groups of hundreds of monkeys gathering here, so called “Monkey Slope”.In end point of the Ten-mile Natural Gallery, The right front mountain is called “Wolong Ridge” which is the link of the essence tour connecting Tianzishan and Ten-mile Natural Gallery. Right ahead there are three peaks standing side by side are called the “Three Sisters”. You see, the left is the eldest sister who has great hair carrying a child ready to return to her family. The middle is the younger sister who takes her baby in her arms to look forward to the safe return of her husband. The right peak humps just like a pregnant woman, This is the little sister who is just married.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Fairies presented bouquets

    Zhangjiajie Fairies presented bouquets

    Zhangjiajie Fairies presented bouquets
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  • Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhong hu, is surrounded by mountains. Its middle is a basin. If it is in the rainy season, the basin will be filled with water, like a lake, so it is called Zhonghu.The official explanation of zhonghu is formerly known as kang town.In 1953, it changed its name to zhonghu. In 1958, it incorporated into Qunli commune. Zhonghu town is located in the west of WuLingYuan zhangjaijie, with 43 kilometers distance from the city, which covering an area of 66.7 square kilometers. It has a population of 12000 people.Zhonghu town with the economy of tourism service industry and forestry. Yang Jiajie scenic spot in wulingyuan scenic spot is one of the four major scenic spots.Today, zhonghu is the back garden of the wulingyuan and the west door of wulingyuan. With the opening of Yang Jiajie cableway, zhonghu town will become a charming tourist town of wulingyuan, it welcome domestic and overseas tourists.Translated by Sophia
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  • Yuanjia ancient village

    Yuanjia ancient village

    Yuanjia ancient village is located in Wulingyuan center view-Yuanjiajie attractions.Here you can easily find the Avatar and Hallelujah Mountain.In this ancient village, you can fully understand the ancient Tujia people\'s life,Culture and Folklore.It shows the Tujia minority breeding history, living habits, living things, and so the Tujia men and women use of odd shape weapon of self-defense.In Yuanjiajie towering cliff, inhabited by a Tujia people.Because of the natural environment of malignant transformation,This ancient village lost contact with the outside world for hundreds of years.Today the village people\'s life remains a hundred years ago.Now more and more visitors came here and looking for the story of Tujia people. 
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