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  • Zhangjiajie Zixia Taoist Temple

    Zhangjiajie Zixia Taoist Temple

    ZJJ  Zixia Taoist Temple is the first one promoted to the national AAA  scenic spot in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan district, at the beginning of 2011. As an important venue for religious activities sanctified by the provincial government, Zixia Taoist Temple is filled with incenses and pilgrims all the year round. Owing to its beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, it enjoys a good reputation of “the first Taoist temple in western Hunan”.Located in Wulingyuan District,Zhangjiajie City,Zixia Taoist Temple is where the Zhangjiajie Taoist Association Site seats. There stores the inscriptions, dedications and religious relics of many famous calligraphers within this Taoist temple.ZJJ Zixia Taoist Temple with a history of nearly 500 years, was first built in Jiajing years, Ming Dynasty. Later, it was destroyed in discord times. Thanks to the development of tourist industries, believers of Tao and the government’s approval, Zixia Taoist Temple was then expanded in 1992, relying on religious believers’ donation from place to place and the Zhangjiajie government‘s allocations. Zixia Taoist Temple has more than 30 temples of different sizes totally. Moreover, the name “Zixia Taoist Temple” was inscribed by famous Chinese calligrapher Shen Peng.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie National Park Zhang Liang’s tomb

    Zhangjiajie National Park Zhang Liang’s tomb

    On the platform under Boliu Crag in ZJJ Golden Whip Stream is the Grave of Zhang Liang, who was the Marquis and the military counselor during Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D) The legend goes that he lived as a hermit in Wulingyuan Scenic Spot after he had helped Liubang be the first emperor in Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D) and he was buried here as well. Now the Grave of Zhang Liang becomes one of the most important culture relics in ZJJ Golden Whip Stream.ZJJ Golden Whip Stream is a very deep and quiet winding stream where can be seen many green hills and colorful flora and the song of birds can be heard. The 7 kilometer long stream is one of the most charming features of the scenery of Zhangjiajie. It has been called “The Most Beautiful Valley in the World”.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie West Sea Stone Forests

    Zhangjiajie West Sea Stone Forests

    Situated in the west of Suoxiyu Valley, ZJJ West sea stone forest is a basin-like landform with a collection of peaks and woods.In this sea, numerous peaks stand with different shapes and poses, covered with lush vegetation. Therefore, it is called sea of trees and sea of peaks.In spring or summer or a clear day immediately after a rain in autumn, The clouds are surging and rolling like waves, covering the whole sky and earth. The view is so magnificent that it is called sea of clouds.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Longquan Fall

    Zhangjiajie Longquan Fall

    Zhangjiajie Longquan Fall is located in Yangjiajie scenic spot, Longquan Fall has a height of 80 meters. The upper portion is 5 meters wide and the lower part is 15 meters wide.ZJJ Longquan Fall drifts down from over one-hundred-meter cliff, like vaporific. In 55 meters’ high, three precipices stand out so that forming a shape of a dragon. Fall water scatter in all directions after declining and forms tricklet along the cliff. Then it flows through a hole of stone cave in 25 meters’ high, producing a water screen and flows into dark green swag in valley bottom. Thus Longquan Fall wins its good reputation as “The most marvelous fall in the world”.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Southern Heaven Gate

    Zhangjiajie Southern Heaven Gate

    This is a naturally formed gateway with a width that exceeds 10 meters at the bottom and a height of more than 15 meters. As people view this formation, Everyone feels a sense of wonder at Nature’s superb craftsmanship.This gateway holds little promimence in the world, but its name is well known in many other places, such as:Tai Mountain in Shandong Province, Hengshan Mountain in Hunan Province. If you are a fan of the Internet, and depend on the search engines of Sohu and Sina, you can input these three characters “Southern Heaven Gate” and find thousands of relevent websites. From one standpoint, this shows that people are very fond of this name; from another, it proves that during the development of modern tourism, much interaction and imitation exists.Here in Zhangjiajie, We have two scenic spots named “Southern Heaven Gate” If you prefer something more distinctive, now you have plenty of inspiration. So, why not try to give a unique name to this wonderful gateway? If you come up with a really catchy one, Somebody will give you an ample reward!Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Air Field and Garden

    Zhangjiajie Air Field and Garden

    Zhangjiajie Air Field and Garden is located in the central platform of one Tianzi mountain scenic spot the Old House Field, looking at Yuanjiajie on the other side of a valley. Three facets of Zhangjiajie air field are next to deep. Above this platform, more than ten mu (A unit of area) rice field is there, keeping stable yields despite drought or excessive rain. You can see a piece of green land in Spring, full of spikes in Summer, golden in Autumn and dense cauliflowers in Winter.In the back mountain, it lies toweringly and becomes flat in its waist with a small piece of platform forming. Not a hundred miles from this, it suddenly undercut and forms a dangerous valley without a bottom, leaving the platform in the air half empty. In the margin area of the platform, it stretches towards east and west zigzag, making the air field big or small, round or square. There are about 7-hectare terraces layer after layer, with paddy seeded here and there. Besides, more than 10 families live there. So you can also hear chicken crow sometimes and see smoke curl up from kitchen chimneys, which make you feel that you are in the fairyland on earth.Translated by Becky
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  • Jinbian stream's Marvellous mountains

    Jinbian stream's Marvellous mountains

    First mountain,Cutting hills to save mother.A mountain becomes an organic whole at the bottom, while the top divides into two, as if it were split. Coincidentally, there exsists a small mountain at neighbor, which much like a huge axe. This scene is regarded as ” Cutting hills to save mother “. It origins from legend that ChenXiang wanted to save his mother, when split about half, he was told that his mama in HuasShan. From the geology point of view, it dues to the collapse of hard and soft rock, and dissection of running water, which seems to be the natural marvel.Second mountain, Collecting books by scholar.The most interesting senic is a in link of three stone mountains near the ZiCao pond. Seeing in the distance, there is a stone standing between two sharp peaks. Before stone, another stone across. A closer looking, you will find the stone as if like a thin scholar who is busy with collecting a thick book in the valley. The movement, is very vivid.Third mountain, Double turtle exploring creek.Walking to the half of the JinBian river, suddenly, we see two stones coincide in together at the top of a grotesque. It looks like two turtles on together, a big one below a slightly small. It is said that they were coming from the east sea to stand guard. Because the water level fell, so they are stranded on the top of a stone mountain. As time passes by, they turn into the stones. Just their head are looking at the JinBian river, so visitors give a good name: Double turtle exploring creek.There have many mountains in zhangjiajie national forest park. Why not go there to enjoy the beauty.Translated by Sophia
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  • Yangjiajie Oolong village

    Yangjiajie Oolong village

    Oolong village— a splendor for a brave heartI have been in Zhangjiajie for 3 years and gone to National Forest Park for at least seven times, every time I go, I will find something new, something fantastic! Thus, I have trodden on most of its scenic spots, and among them, the most impressive and exciting experience is in the Oolong Village, the most adventurous and special splendor.The second time I went there was in spring, when the mountain was especially enchanting with flowers wandering around. Along the way, our journey was brimming with surprises and joys!1, Blooming flowers dotted around the mountain, when we first entered the mountain, a carpet of azalea blossoms jumped into our eyes, which was quite amazing!    Azalea blossoms wandering around the mountain, fancy!2, This was really a biggest surprise to us, because God sent aN adorable and lonely friend to us halfway. We called him “Big Grey” according its skin color! He was strong and faithful ,and always followed us closely till we reached the top. Sometimes he led us when we got lost  The ” Big Grey“ in the middle is looking at the camero curiously3, Perilous terrain, after my several times experience, I come to conclusion that if you want to go to this place, you must possess several traits to make it!   A slim figure, otherwise you cannot pass a lane like this!   A strong and malleable waist, because, you can not walk all the way straight when you are on a way like this!   Last but not least, a strong heart filled with courage if you really want to challenge a gorgeous like that  By Brenda
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