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Zhangjiajie Southern Heaven Gate

Wulingyuan District 2012/08/24 View:2093

This is a naturally formed gateway with a width that exceeds 10 meters at the bottom and a height of more than 15 meters. As people view this formation, Everyone feels a sense of wonder at Nature’s superb craftsmanship.

This gateway holds little promimence in the world, but its name is well known in many other places, such as:Tai Mountain in Shandong Province, Hengshan Mountain in Hunan Province. If you are a fan of the Internet, and depend on the search engines of Sohu and Sina, you can input these three characters “Southern Heaven Gate” and find thousands of relevent websites. From one standpoint, this shows that people are very fond of this name; from another, it proves that during the development of modern tourism, much interaction and imitation exists.

Here in Zhangjiajie, We have two scenic spots named “Southern Heaven Gate” If you prefer something more distinctive, now you have plenty of inspiration. So, why not try to give a unique name to this wonderful gateway? If you come up with a really catchy one, Somebody will give you an ample reward!

Translated by Sophia

  • Zhangjiajie tianmenshan's Mountain Elevator

    Zhangjiajie tianmenshan's Mountain Elevator

    This elevator runs throughout the mountain tunnel. From the bottom of Tianmen hole, can directly reach the Peak. The elevator, A total of 12 segments; length of 897 meters; the height of 340 meters; total span of 692 meters.It consists of 16 stations(30m large overloaded motor) and 3 stations(20m large overloaded motor). Transmission capacity is about 3,600 people/hour(Single-way)
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  • How can I get to the mountain proper in ZJJ?

    How can I get to the mountain proper in ZJJ?

    There is a bus from Zhangjiajie city to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and then take the cable car to the mountain. You also can choose to hike up the mountain on trails.
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  • How are the path conditions at the peak during snowy winter season in ZJJ?

    How are the path conditions at the peak during snowy winter season in ZJJ?

    Zhangjiajie enjoys a great reputation nationwide for being a safe mountain. After years of constant maintenance, the paths have become a point of pride of Zhangjiajie. Whenever it snows, the snowfall is promptly swept off the path to ensure the safety of visitors.
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  • How to tour in Zhangjiajie(Avatar) National Forest Park

    How to tour in Zhangjiajie(Avatar) National Forest Park

    This Holiday Tour itinerary can be adjusted, according to Zhangjiajie weather and Scenic tourists crowded, Also it will make you enjoy the beauty of the nature, relax from your work, as well as taking you to explore the floating mountain.Bring you a pleasant and easy trip in Zhangjiajie
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  • Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Caves Introduction

    Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Caves Introduction

    The Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area has many karst caves which are usually very large and unique, Notably Yellow Dragon Cave, Guanyin Cave, Water Sound Cave, Tortoise Nest Cave, Feiyun Cave and Golden Snail Cave,and so on.Of them, The most renowned one is Yellow Dragon Cave in Wulingyuan Suojiayu. It is 7.5 kilometers long in total and has four parts. The cave has one reservoir, two rivers, three waterfalls, four pools, 13 halls and 96 corridors inside.The fascinating “Toll from Ice” “Green Bamboo Path” and “Dragon Palace Dance” are the essential landscapes of Yellow Dragon Cave, And makes it one of the most renowned scenic spots of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Fengxi Mountain

    Zhangjiajie Fengxi Mountain

    Situated in the west of Tianzi Mountain inside of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Fengxi is named for a stone being semblable in shape with phoenix head. Being puce in color, the stone extrudes out at top which makes it look just like phoenix mouth. With green trees and fresh bamboo covered on the stone, it looks just like unfolding phoenix screen. Plenty in caves, flourish in forest and elegant in mountain, Fengxi Mountain is a land full of wild joys. Down from west of the mountain, it will lead you directly to Golden Whip Stream.Fengxi Mountain is not only of natural beauty, It’s also charming because of its legendary past. At the waist of the mountain, King Xiang, the leader of uprising army of Tujia nationality ever built yard here. It is called Great Courtyard of Family Xiang. Now, Only relics remains. Opposite this mountain towers another precipitous mount on where your eyesight could far reach to five kilometers. It is said that King Xiang once set sentry post on it to monitor situation of enemy. Thus, this mountain is called Sentry Mountain. Besides, In the Fengxi Mountain, There are also scenic spots called Walking and Chanting Quzi, Tianzi Well, Chaplin Rock, Solitary Girl with Umbrella and so on.Mount Fengxi is a scenic spot you have to visit. There’s folk song which fully expresses the charm of it that “Picturesque Fengxi Mountain is beautiful with mount top to heaven and people looking like fairy”. Once you comes to Mount Tianzi, Don’t miss Fengxi Mountain, A place worthy of your visit.By Patricia
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  • Zhangjaijie Baofeng Lake Hanging Waterfall

    Zhangjaijie Baofeng Lake Hanging Waterfall

    There is a waterfall flowing from a 200 height. It looks like a white silk that hanging from the sky. During the rainy days, people can see the rainbow across this waterfall. And during the flood season, it looks like a dragon flying in the sky.It is located at the entrance of Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake Scenic Area.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie National Park Zhang Liang’s tomb

    Zhangjiajie National Park Zhang Liang’s tomb

    On the platform under Boliu Crag in ZJJ Golden Whip Stream is the Grave of Zhang Liang, who was the Marquis and the military counselor during Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D) The legend goes that he lived as a hermit in Wulingyuan Scenic Spot after he had helped Liubang be the first emperor in Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D) and he was buried here as well. Now the Grave of Zhang Liang becomes one of the most important culture relics in ZJJ Golden Whip Stream.ZJJ Golden Whip Stream is a very deep and quiet winding stream where can be seen many green hills and colorful flora and the song of birds can be heard. The 7 kilometer long stream is one of the most charming features of the scenery of Zhangjiajie. It has been called “The Most Beautiful Valley in the World”.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Imperial Garden

    Zhangjiajie Imperial Garden

    Imperial Garden refers to the garden belonging to the Chinese emperor. In ZJJ Yuanjiajie, People will find another imperial garden belonging to The God. When people find a giant rock which may block the way, just turn around it, and there is a marvelous scene behind it. About ten peaks are standing straightly, while green rivers are surrounding them.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

    Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

    Zhangjiajie Tianzi mountain nature reserve enjoys a reputation of “Grand potted landscape, mini fairyland”. Its wild primary scenery is the masterpiece of nature. There are four scenic wonders there, namely Cloud Billows, Moon Brightness, Sun Glow and Winter Snow, you would not want to miss.Located in the northwestern part of Wulingyuan Scenic Zone, Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve boasts rocky peaks in grotesque shapes and shrouded in drifting mist. The highest peak is 1,260 meters (4,130FT) above sea level and provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Waterfalls, bridges, stone forests and caves are found throughout the mountains. There are not just beautiful landscapes, but also simplicity, peculiar folk custom and local folk food of special flavor awaiting the arrival of visitors.Translated by Sophia
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