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2 Days Xiangxi Tour for Furong Town-Zuolong Gorge-Red Stone Park

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Xiangxi in the summer time can seem like a return to your innocent childhood. Together we'll explore the mysterious ways of the Tujia people, the rich history of the Miao people, Xiangxi's simplicity, its beautiful scenery, and experience its truth, goodness and beauty.

D1,Changsha-Furong Town-Zuolong Gorge

08:30 Meet up in Changsha/Zhuzhou/Xiangtan to take the bus

13:00 Arrive in Furong Town

14:30 Tour of Zuolong Gorge

17:30 Arrive at Tujia Scenic Camp

18:30 Arrive at Furong Scenic Hotel

19:00 Dinner

Stay in Furong Scenic Hotel

Furong Town 芙蓉镇

Wangcun, now known as Furong (Lotus Flower) Town, named for being the eponymous location of the well-known movie “Lotus Flower Town,” is famous for its majestic waterfalls, mansions, administrative buildings and homes, which put together look almost like a castle.

Located in the Yongshun County, the town boasts a history of 2,000 years and is the site of former Youyang City in Qin and Han Dynasties. It is the door of Mengdong River waterway tour and the south gate of Mengdong  River scenic spot.

The scenery of the town has a unique layout. On both either side of the five mile long street, paved by black flagstone, are shops with trap doors. Tujia Diaojiaolou (Diaojiao Buildings) are set up along the slope. In addition, there is the Wangcun waterfall, which stands about 60 meters high and 70 meters wide. Walking behind the waterfall is a transcendental experience; the water flowing down the falls almost forms a transparent wall, making the experience akin to placing oneself in a crystal palace.

Zuolong Gorge 坐龙峡

Zuolong scenic spot is located in Guzhang County, Hexi Town. Both here and Furong Town are separated by a river. Overall, the length of Zuolong Gorge is about 6,500 meters.

In 1993, Zuolong Gorge was found by an herb scanvenger. According to academic research, its landform was shaped by crust changes and wind erosion over the course of 3 million years.

Over time, Zuolong Gorge gained a reputation as - “the first spectacular gorge in south easternChina”. Drawing from its natural environment, fresh air and mysterious Tujia customs, Zuolong Gorge also has a reputation of being “fairyland on earth” as well as “ideal world”. The gorge itself has a special type of climbing line connecting various points along the gorge. The mountains forming the gorge are far too steep to climb with one’s bare hands and feet, so this line is necessary for traversing across the gorge. Here, a strong will and appreciation for nature are essential for climbing Zuolong Gorge.

D2,Zuolong Gorge - Red Carbonate-Rock Stone  Forest Geopark

07:30 Meet for Breakfast

08:30 Arrive at Hong Shilin(Red Carbonate-Rock  Stone Forest Geopark)

12:00 Lunch at Hong Shilin

14:00 Back to Changsha

Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Forest Geopark 红石林

Xiangxi Red Rock Forest National Park is located in Jietong and Duanlong Township in Guzhang County with an area of 30 square kilometers. It sits opposite the famous scenic spot “Furong Town” on the other bank. The red rock formations are unique natural structures formed from red carbonic acid dating back to the prehistoric Cambrian era. It is believed that a long time ago the forest was covered with water.

Now, the Red Rock Forest is being developed into a national geological park where karst formations, gorges, caves, valleys and waterfalls will be featured as part of the natural scenery. It has become a site of both high scientific and aesthetic value. Another interesting, yet mysterious, attraction is the color of rocks. Here the rocks’ colors change according to the weather and temperature. In the hot summer sun, the rocks display a fiery red color. On a cloudy day, they’ll turn maroon and purple. However on heavy rainy day, the rocks will turn black.

Red Rock Forest is an exciting, visual marvel in Hunan and is a place like none other.

The scenic area within Duanlingshan Town of Guzhang County occupies an area of 20 square kilometers or so. Many huge rocks taking various unique shapes can be found in the area. The site is called "The First Marvelous Sight in Mount Wuling" for its magnificent, towering, strange-shapes and ancient land formations.

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