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1 Day cycling trip routes around Changsha city

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Recommended Spot: Guangming Village


A cycling tour network has been built in the south mountain land and the north valley of Guangming Village, known for its original rustic charm.

On September 2nd, 2012, Changsha Evening Newspaper Reader Cycling Tour Base, affiliated with Changsha Cycling Tour Association, hung a shingle here, marking commencement of the base.

Traffic Routes

Ride along Jinzhou Avenue for half an hour or take the bus from Changsha to Ningxiang


Recommended Spot: Huitang Town


A forest park and a natural oxygen bar, it features the 3 ,000 hectares Zilong Lake and its jade-like water, as well as a tourism line connected by several arch bridges. You can relax and refresh yourself amid flowery fragrance by riding.

Traffic Routes

80 kilometers to the northwest of Changsha, a 2 hours drive from Changsha. Go along Changsha-Changzhou Expressway, turn to Ninghui Road at Ningxiang Avenue.

West of Xiangjiang River

Recommended Spot: Taohualing Scenic Spot


Being Connected with Meixi Lake makes Taohualing Scenic Spot a perfect spot for cycling in an urban area. Furthermore, the nearly completed Taohualing Scenic Spot has a 10 kilometers long specific bikeway, 7.26 kilometers of which is around the lake.

North of the city

Recommended Spot: Shangping Scenic Spot


Shaping is known as “hometown of Hunan embroidery inChina”. You can not only view the Hunan embroidery treasures, but also enjoy the excitement of making one yourself.

Recommended Spot: Han-Hui Folk Village

Being the only ethnic minority village in Changsha, Han-Hui Folk Village is famous for its Han-Hui school suffused with Hui culture , solemn mosque, widely reputed Tielu Temple, clear and tranquil Tielu Lake, and peaceful and ancient Hui cemetery.

Recommended spot: Changsha Ecological Garden


It is a modern ecological garden that contains garden research, flowers and nursery production base, scientific education center, gardening show, recreational activities and touring & resort facilities. At present, there are more than 20 kinds of flowers in full bloom in the garden, such as peach, plum, crabapple, cherry, and so on. In addition to the exquisite scenery, there are a number of outdoor activities for you to enjoy, such as picnic, expand training, fishing, etc.

In the urban area

Recommended Spot: Liuyang River Scenic Belt


Liuyang River Scenic Belt in Furong Distinct is built along the river. When cycling along it, you can enjoy not only the vast and grand Liuyang   River Square, and quaint Dragon Boat House, but also numerous small parks.

Recommended Spot: Xiangjiang Avenue


The section of Xiangjiang Avenue, south to Xiangfu Road Bridge. Cycling along the river to the south, you will be able to appreciate the splendid “ hundred barges vying over crystal blue waters, as well as a profusion of golden rape flowers.

South of the city

Recommended Spot: Meicun Avenue

(Diagonally opposite to Changsha Flowers and Plants Market)


Meicun Avenue lies nearby Hunan Forest  Botanical Garden. It crosses the famous villa community in Changsha---Junyuanmei Village. Far from the city center, there are few motor vehicles along the route, making it fit for cycling.

Changsha County

Recommended Spot: Jinjing Town


With beautiful natural landscape, you can cycle in the tea garden spread over thousands of mou (one mu equals about 6.7 acre). It has the perfect subsidiary equipment because of its developed tourism industry. In addition, public bicycles are also made available for rent.

Traffic Routes

Starting from Xingsha, go straight along the route of S207 to Jinjing.

Recommended Spot: Kaihui Town


Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the glamorous scene here. In the Piaofeng Mountain of the town, you can hear gurgling of the brook, and experience many strange stones and flourished green trees. On the top of the mountain, there are matin bells and vesper drums belonging to the Xuan Emperor Old  Temple. It definitely deserves a tour.

Traffic Routes

Go along the Jingzhu Motorway and get off at Kaihui  Town.


Recommended Spot: the coast of Liuyang River


Cycling along Liuyang River in the urban area of Liuyang for less than an hour, you can feel the change of the landscape from a city to country, especially with the golden rape flowers blossoming out at both sides of Liuyang  River. Cycling along the river gives you the most splendid taste of the vicinity.

Friendly Tips

The urban bicycles leasehold system was put forward in Jan. 2012, in Liuyang City. So, even if you haven’t prepared a bicycle, don’t worry; A bike is definitely available for you.

Recommended Spot: Dawei Mountain


The beautiful landscape in Dawei Mountain is known to all. Most importantly, it has the highest spot in Changsha of which the highest point reaches to 1600 meters. If you want to challenge the limits, this place is your only choice.

Traffic Routes

Starting off from the urban area of Liuyang, you can get there by following the Liudong Road.

Recommended Spot: Meitian Lake and Baogai Temple


Both spots are in the area of Gugang Town in Liuyang City. You should definitely not miss the dusk here, which displays the most beautiful Meitian Lake. At this moment, luminous colors reflected in the lake appear extremely splendid. Construction of the Baogai  Temple began in the Tang Dynasty, which is one of the fourth greatest ancestral homes of Buddhism in Liuyang.

Traffic Routes

Go along the Changyong Motorway till Liuyang, and turn to Liudong   Road.

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