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Hunan Lotus Flower Route For Changsha-Yueyang-Xiangtan-Changde-Loudi

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Lotus flowers in full blossom that grow in lakes or waters bring a sense of freshness and pleasure in these hot summer days. Greater joy will fill you when rowing on a lotus lake or picking some lotus seeds. Hunan is a place famous for planting lotus and producing lotus seeds. So traveling around to enjoy lotus in summer days is a must for visitors.

Recommended Places to Go

1.Hunan Forest Botanical Garden (Changsha)

Location: No.111 Botanical Garden Road, Yuhua District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Bus route: take Bus No. 152, No. 7, No. 102, No. 107, No. 103, No. 123, No. 134, No. 147, No. 502, No. 703, No. 801 or No. 802, and then get off at the Botanical Garden Station.

2.Hunan Martyrs Park (Changsha)

Location: No. 85 East Yinpan Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Bus route: take Bus No. 113 or No. 136, and then exit at the north gate of Martyrs Park Station.

3.Heimifeng National Forest Park (Changsha)

Located in the Xiaolian (filial and incorrupt) Culture Square (also in the Wenxing Ancient Village) of Heimifeng National Forest Park in Wangcheng County, Changsha City, the scenic spot covers lotus planting area of 300 mu (20 hectares). As the temperate on the top of the mountain is lower around 4-5 than that at the foot of the mountain, its maturation stage is later than common lotus flowers. Therefore, the lotus flowers there can be appreciated until the beginning of the October.

Location: Qiaoyi Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

Self-driving route: within one hour drive as Changxiang Road is near the foot of the mountain

Bus route: take a through bus at Wujialing for about one hour

4.Hekou Town in Xiangtan

Lotus flowers in blossom in Hekou, Xiangtan

The lotus planting base in Sanlian Village, Hekou Town covers an area of one thousand mu (About 66.7 hectares). Entering here, one feels going into a picture of lotuses. Wandering along the long bank of the river and seeing lotus flowers in the two sides of the pond swaying in the wind, one feels the beauty of this fairyland.

5.Junshan in Yueyang

Covering an area of over ten thousand mu (about 666.7 hectares), lotus flowers in Tuanhu Lake, Yueyang, has several hundred varieties, which is the biggest natural wild lotus scenic spot that has been known in Asia in terms of the area so far.

6.Yuqiao Village in Changde

Located beside the Liuye Lake, Changde, Yuqiao Village has two good places to appreciate lotus flowerswith 8 colors and 31 varieties in all. It only takes you 20 minutes to arrive there from Changde by bus.

7.Former Residence of Zeng Guofan in Loudi

Fuhou Mansion, located in Heye Town, Shuangfeng County, Loudi City, is, the former residence of Zeng Guofan, a prominent official in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is the best preserved mansion in the village now, in front of which there is a lotus pond stretching for more than 200 mu (About 13.3 hectares).

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