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What you need to notice when travelling (Ⅰ)

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1、Photo prohibited places by lawMany customs and airports forbidden areas of most countries and districts around the world prohibit photo taking and breaking in randomly due to their involvement with national security. Even if the journalist is excepted without permission, or legal sanction and high penalty will be implemented.

In recent years, due to the frequency of terrorist activities, police and customs officers have the right to check on suspicious person. If tourists come across the check when traveling, they should cooperate in case of misunderstanding. Besides, except customs and airports forbidden areas, many countries list other places as photo limitation, such as power station, bridge, dam, port and public transportation hub. Tourist would better make search in advance.

Other no photo places due to their connection with national security:

Military defense facilities and prohibited military zones;

Scope of jurisdiction of national air force;

Infrastructures controlled by national communication sectors;

All keeping-off places ruled by national security sector, such as electric power facility, gas facility, road, railway and shipping lane.

2、Common no photo areas when travelling


When confronting religious taboos, special attention should be paid by the tourist for no matter you are in home or abroad, religious issues are rather serious and prudent. Tourists should pay due respects to various temples(church)and do not take photos in religious areas that prohibit photos, not even to have fluke mind for secret photography.

Cultural relics and museums

Proceed from protecting the cultural relics, except those that have strong stability against lights, such as sculpture, bronze ware, pottery and seal, some cultural relics that are sensitive to light are not allowed to photo taking, such as book, document, literature, leather, feather, wash painting, calligraphy and bamboo and wood lacquer. The main reason is that the flashlight , especially the repeated illumination of xenon flash lamp or highlighted light is very harmful.

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    First, before the trip, you should ask the travel agency whether to make travel accident insurance for you. According to the relevant provisions of the state, you has paid the cost of accident insurance to the travel agency.
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