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Sangzhi He Long’s Former Residence

HOT Sangzhi County 2016/04/13 View:1202

The former residence of He Long is located in Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie city of Hunan Province.

It was an ordinary wooden house which ride south. He Long’s grandfather He Liangshi build in Qing dynasty. Later on, it became inheritance of He Long’s father He Shitao. His sisters, brothers and him were born here, and spent their childhood and adolescence here. Because of their large family, He Long’s father used three board to separate into six rooms. The median house had red gold plaque of “He Long Gu Ju” four words which wrote by Deng Xiaoping. In 1919, the ordinary house was burned by the reactionary. Then He Long’s father soon rebuilt, to the 1925, it had a expansion into the courtyard. In 1929 it was destroyed by the local reactionary group, only leaving the groove of the door and a residual wall. During the period of the culture revolution, He Long was framed up, so the rest wall was destroyed.

Now,the former residence of He Long restored in 1977.In 1983, Hunan Provincial People’s government made it in the key cultural relics protection units.

Translated by Sophia

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