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  • Zhangjiajie cili seven sisters chili

    Zhangjiajie cili seven sisters chili

    Recently, Dongxi seven sisters chili passed the national geographical indication products trial. “Dongxi seven sisters chili” won the gold award in provincal agricultural fair.
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  • Zhangjiajie stone agarics

    Zhangjiajie stone agarics

    Zhangjiajie is famous for mountains.Being richly endowed by nature, wild plants in Zhangjiajie are of tough vitality. Take the local specialty stone agarics as example; stone agarics are living in the sandstone cliffs in Wulingyuan scenic zones, Zhangjiajie. On the one hand, stone agarics are delicious food for their rich nutrition; on the other hand, they are medicine for anti-inflammation and nourishing.
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  • Xiangxi miao sour fish

    Xiangxi miao sour fish

    Sour fish is a feature of the phoenix old city. Tujia food has a special pattern, exquisite eating ways, whose dishes have the feature of acid, hot and sweet.In Summer, with hot weather,people don’t eat animal.
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  • Xiangxi Cured Meat

    Xiangxi Cured Meat

    There is a habit of fuming cured meat in the next year in Xiangxi. Every year, when approaching the end of the year, people always kill pig and then slice its meat to three or five jin. Kneading salt and other spices into the meat and corning for three or five days, then after these ingredients soaking into the meat, people dangle the meat with bamboo stripes or rattans on the fiery pit for continuous fume.
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  • Hunan Rice cake

    Hunan Rice cake

    Rice cake is an improvement from glutinous rice or Ziba. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, on the bases of traditional crafts of making Ziba, it is made by several procedures including grinding glutinous rice into fine powder, adding white sugar and water into it, and kneading it into various shapes like square, round and strip.
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  • Hunan noodle(Xiangfen)–Foddies’ Garden

    Hunan noodle(Xiangfen)–Foddies’ Garden

    Xiangfen(Hunan noodle), also known as “south noodles”, is named after its producing origin Xiang (short for Hunan). It has shared the same fame as Beijing Qinghe vermicelli and Shandong longkou vermicelli, which is actively demanded in both domestic and foreign markets.
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  • Hunan Rice tea(FanCha)-Foodie section Chapter I

    Hunan Rice tea(FanCha)-Foodie section Chapter I

    Since I myself am one hundred percent foodie, in order to share the information of those delicacies, I will set up a new section to introduce food around Hunan. Let’s wait and see how delicious and abundant the food in Hunanis!
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Combined Slag

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Combined Slag

    Combined slag with a simple making way and good nutrition, so it is favored by tujia people. Combined slag has several big beauty: first, soy is rich in protein, vegetables are rich in vitamins, so combined slag is of high nutritional value; Second, it has a special taste, with a light frankincense.
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