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  • Hunan noodle(Xiangfen)–Foddies’ Garden

    Hunan noodle(Xiangfen)–Foddies’ Garden

    Xiangfen(Hunan noodle), also known as “south noodles”, is named after its producing origin Xiang (short for Hunan). It has shared the same fame as Beijing Qinghe vermicelli and Shandong longkou vermicelli, which is actively demanded in both domestic and foreign markets.
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  • Hunan Rice tea(FanCha)-Foodie section Chapter I

    Hunan Rice tea(FanCha)-Foodie section Chapter I

    Since I myself am one hundred percent foodie, in order to share the information of those delicacies, I will set up a new section to introduce food around Hunan. Let’s wait and see how delicious and abundant the food in Hunanis!
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Combined Slag

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Combined Slag

    Combined slag with a simple making way and good nutrition, so it is favored by tujia people. Combined slag has several big beauty: first, soy is rich in protein, vegetables are rich in vitamins, so combined slag is of high nutritional value; Second, it has a special taste, with a light frankincense.
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  • Stewed meat with wild fir bacteria

    Stewed meat with wild fir bacteria

    Wild fir bacteria is a kind of wild fungus, growing in zhangjiajie mountains. It is a drug combination mold, no pollution, pure natural, wild food. It not only contains mineral nutrients such as protein, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron and phosphorus,
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia glutinous rice wine

    Zhangjiajie Tujia glutinous rice wine

    Tujia glutinous rice wine is different from the wine. Although they both have the fragrance of wine, the glutinous rice wine should eat along with rice residue. Its taste is sweet and delicious, and it has the effect of relaxing tendons, tonifying, enriching blood and warming. It is a famous snack in zhangjiajie tujia people.
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  • Stewed Chicken with yaner

    Stewed Chicken with yaner

    The food of Yaner stewing chicken is zhangjiajie tujia dishes. Yaner is also known as stone ear, which always growing in the wet cliffs stone gap. It has high nutritional value, contains glycogen, colloid, iron, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins.
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  • Western Hunan Delicious Fruit-China Bayberry

    Western Hunan Delicious Fruit-China Bayberry

    China bayberry is full of functions. Firstly, it can make China bayberry juice and wine. Secondly, it is a medical ingredient which has effect on appetizing, thirst quenching. Thirdly, it is an economical and delicious fruit.
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  • Zhangjiajie Sticky Rice in Pepper

    Zhangjiajie Sticky Rice in Pepper

    Sticky rice in pepper is a famous dish that is usually cooked by Zhangjiajie people to entertain guests. Without doubt,it tastes special.
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