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  • Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure Theme Park

    Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure Theme Park

    Fantawild Adventure Theme Park was jointly designed and constructed by Fantawild Holdings Inc. Fantawild Adventure will excite and entertain visitors with a large variety of attractions, featuring the high-end technology, along with interactive environment and entertainment attractions.Fantawild Adventure Park is a park that blends modern technology, traditional theme and spectacular attractions, which covers an exceptional pleasure ground. This breakthrough theme park requires a space of 40,000 to 600,000 square meters land and can uniquely modify the park according to the available dimensions. Each theme is masterfully developed to create contemporary amusement and memorable experience.
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  • Xiangtan Introduction

    Xiangtan Introduction

    As the birthplace of Mao Zedong and a pilgrimage site for Chinese revolution, Xiangtan is a must-go where you can find everything related to Chairman Mao from his former residence to “dishes of the Mao family” to his brilliant life.Xiangtan is a city in central Hunan and located at the lower reaches of Xiangjiang River, a branch of the Yangtze River. Relics from Daxi culture indicates that local tribes lived in Xiangtan area 5,000 years ago. It became a city 2,500 years ago during the late Shang Dynasty.Shaoshan Village, about 130 kilometers south-westward to Changsha, is the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong. Today, the village has become a memorial place for Chinese people to remember this great man. People erected a statue of Chairman Mao and have preserved his former residence as a tourist site. A museum and other memorial spots in the scenic area create a solemn atmosphere. More than three million people from home and abroad come to visit Mao Zedong’s hometown every year.In addition, the city was also cradle of other revolutionary leaders including Liu Shaoqi, Hu Yaobang and former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji. Therefore, it acts as a good place to learn more about China’s modern history.“Binglang,” the dried areca nut, sometimes referred to as betel nut is so popular among local people that men, women and even children love it. Xiangtan has a humid subtropical climate with distinctive four seasons featured long and hot summer, cold, cloudy and damp winter with occasional flurries. The annual average temperature is 16.7°C to 17.4°C, and 4.1°C in January and 29.7°C in July.
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  • Xiangtan Shaofeng Peak

    Xiangtan Shaofeng Peak

    To the south of the Former Residence of Mao Zedong, Shaofeng Peak, with the height of 518.9 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Shaoshan County and the 71st mountain of Nanyue. The main tourist attractions in the area include the Stele Forest of Chairman Mao\'s Poems, Shaofeng Temple, Liuchao Pine, Ancient Rouge Well, etc.Under a clear and boundless sky, standing on Shaofeng Peak, we will take in general picture of Xiangtan, Xiangxiang, and Ninxiang at a glance.Transport: K585 air conditioned trains go from Changsha railway station to Shaoshan CountyTel:(86)732-55682087
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  • Shaoshan Dripping Water Cave

    Shaoshan Dripping Water Cave

    Dishui Cave named as \"Western Cave\" by Mao Zedong, which is famous due to Mao Zedong\'s legendary life and stories, is located 4 kilometers to Mao Zedong Bronze Statue in the gorge. The construction of Dishui Cave Villa begins in 1960, and the pattern of the house is similar to the structure of houses in Zhongnanhai. Mao Zedong spent eleven days here during the time he returned to Shaoshan in June, 1966.Now it is key national scenic and historic spot. The scenic area is surrounded by waters, with rolling peaks in addition to some natural scenic spots, such as \"Goddess of Mercy Carrying a Child in Her Arms\", \"Eight Immortals Playing Xiao (the vertical bamboo flutes)\" and \"Dragon Spring\".Admission(For reference): RMB 50 yuan/adult
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  • Mao Zedong's Bronze Statue Square

    Mao Zedong's Bronze Statue Square

    Mao Zedong Bronze Status Square, which was built in 1993, when Chairman Mao had his 100th birthday, was the center of Shaoshan’s core scenic spot. It is the main place for people in and aboard to recall Mao Zedong and it is also a place that all kinds of large-scale activity can be held here. After it is built, the Square receives about 4 million people in and aboard. It plays an irreplaceable role in promotion of Mao Zedong’s thought, and carrying on the patriotism education with the revolutionary tradition.In 2008, when it was Mao Zedong\'s 115th anniversary, the Square was reconstructed, which was the important projects of Shaoshan \"no.1 project\". The new-opened Mao Zedong Squareadopted the plan of “small shift, small change of direction”, which was approved by the government. The total area will cover about 100 thousand square meters. Mao Zedong\'s bronze statue adds its base is 10.1 meters high. It backs on Shao Peak, and faces the Former Residence, which lets a person realize the great spirit of Chairman Mao around the grand and solemn atmosphere.
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  • Changsha City Introduction

    Changsha City Introduction

    Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, is a famous ancient city with a history of 3,500 years. It used to be a place of strategic importance in the Kingdom of Chu, and a famous prefecture of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-207BC). Now Changsha is an important city with historical and cultural relics, and an ideal destination of tourists in Hunan province.Though 3,500 years have elapsed after the founding of Changsha city, people can still feel the past prosperity of the ancient city from a great number of historical remains in the city. A woman corpse that has been well preserved for more than 2,000 years astonished the world along with the discovery of over 3,000 precious cultural relics which were excavated from the Han tombs in Mangwangdui, making people in the world gasp in admiration at the ancient civilization created by the ancient Chinese people. Yuelu Academy, one of the four most famous academies in China, is widely accepted to be among the oldest academies in the world.Changsha is closely related to a great number of celebrities, including Qu Yuan, Jia Yi, Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi, to name just a few; and Hunan First Normal College, the meeting venue of the Autumn Harvest Uprising, Qingshui Pool and other historic sites remind tourists of the old stories.There are also many natural scenic spots, including the Mount Yuelu which is pregnant with beauty and vitality, the Xiangjiang River that flows through the whole city from south to north with the picturesque Orange Isle quietly lying in it. All these jointly compose a melodious song.Source: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Zhuzhou Introduction

    Zhuzhou Introduction

    A traffic hub, a cradle of China\\\'s electric locomotive, a center of pottery and porcelain art or a Mecca for Chinese people to seek ancestors, no matter what way you look at the city, you will fall in love with it.Zhuzhou, which borders Changsha in the north and Mount Hengshan in the south, is the eastern gateway of Hunan Province. Legend has it that Emperor Yan (Shennong in Chinese) once grew crops, tasted all kind of herbal medicines, taught people to plough the fields, and created farming culture - the source of Chinese civilization - in this area. Now Emperor Yan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mausoleum still exists here for Chinese people to worship. Yanling County, known as the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"first mausoleum of the divine land\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", is a Mecca for Chinese people to seek ancestors. The wonderful Danxia landform in Chaling County, the karst caves in the Jiubujiang National Geopark and the ancient biological fossils are all time-honored gifts of great nature. The Xiannong Altar, Lujiang Academy and the former residence of Li Lisan (1899.3-1967.6) remind people of Zhuzhou\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s revolutionary enthusiasm in the past.Zhuzhou is also the cradle of electric locomotives, as well as the base of aero-generators, lead and zinc in China. Pottery and porcelain wares produced in Liling County enjoy a high reputation throughout the world, crowned the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"top of pottery and porcelain art in the East\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Pop into the town – you’re welcome to visit – and take home a unique piece of art or pottery. Thanks to long-term development, a Hongguan Kiln tour in Liling as the representative of this industry has become a highlight of any visit to Zhuzhou.
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  • The Eight New Views of Xiaoxiang

    The Eight New Views of Xiaoxiang

    The Eight Old Views of Xiaoxiang , or the legendary eight scenic spots in the basin area of the Xiangjiang River, represent the charming sceneries of Hunan. Shen Kuo, a famous man of letter from the Song Dynasty once depicted the eight views in his literature work Sketches and Notes Written in Mengxi Park. Wits in various times also followed his suits. However, the Eight Old Views are not easy to be found nowadays due to the old age and changes of the society. On April 2005, the Hunan Provincial Tourism Association launched an activity to single out the Eight New Views of Xiaoxiang in order to seek after the lost splendor of the Eight Old Views. It has taken one year to finish the selection work of the Eight New Views of Xiaoxiang, which covers three categories, including landscape culture, sceneries of humanities and ecological leisure. The New Eight Views of Xiaoxiang, the epitome of the best features of Hunan scenic spots, have succeeded in passing on history and civilization, and giving a new light to the Eight Old Views in the new era.  
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