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  • Wangcheng Qianlong Lake

    Wangcheng Qianlong Lake

    Thousand-Dragon Ecosystem Vacation VillageThousand-Dragon Ecosystem Vacation Village is located at Getang Town, Wangcheng County, and it is 30 kilometers from Changsha City. The vacation village was built in 2002, and opened officially on July 1, 2004. It covered an area of 3,066 mu. There are 8 facilities which cost 180 million RMB: hotel, conference center, fishing pond, water sports center, leisure zone, fish feeding, vegetable land and young trees center. Hotels hold villas, luxurious and standard rooms, and altogether there are over 3,000 beds, and the hotel can hold the largest capacity of 800 people to have dinner.The vacation village has won prizes such as “national scenery zone”, “agriculture tourism experiment”, “international dragon-boating race standard zone”, “five-star eco farm”, “new 8 Xiaoxiang scenery spots”. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, China Wangcheng Thousand-Dragon Lake International Dragon-boating inviting contest, first and second Changsha Countryside Travel Festival, National Fishing Champion of 2007 held at this vacation village one after another. \"Thousand dragons are dancing with morning clouds, and the lake and the sky share the same color\". Thousand-Dragon Lake is a complex for business meeting, vacation and sightseeing. When you are at Bamboo Garden and view, you will find the lake is like a mirror. Dragon Poem House once held the evening party \"Taiwan, our family member\". Water restaurants hand down the cuisine culture of Xiang dishes. While when you play tennis, ping-pong and ride water bike and motor, you will feel young and energetic.The vacation village is becoming the countryside tourism engine within 3 years under the leadership and management of Mr. Chen Xinghua. This is Shangri-la for people.
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  • Huitang Hotspring International Resort

    Huitang Hotspring International Resort

    Changsha Huitang Hot Spring,Huitang WenquanThe Huitang Hot Spring is located at the southwest of Ningxiang County, Hunan Province. It is one of our country\'s three big famous high temperatures compound hot springs. Huitang, in English it means \"grey soup\", is nominated from the vapour rising out the spring. Huitang Hotspring in Ningxiang County has a history of 2000 years. The water is transparent and clear and the spring water temperature reaches as high as 89.5 degree centigrade and has 29 types of minerals that are beneficial to the human body. It has always been regarded as \"natural medical hotspring\".The hot spring area is 8 square kilometers and is rich with water volume resources. At present, the area has been developed on initial stage. The daily water supply is 3,500 tons, with almost 10,000 tons of hot spring water pending for development. The Huitang hot spring has advantageous resources and has broad development prospect. The Huitang scenery is beautiful and with good vegetation. There is the Dongwu Mountain near the hot spring; the mountain valley is profound and the spring water is rill. It is a rare place with its pleasant natural scenery and joyous countryside scenery. In the ponds near the hotspring, there herds fishes and ducks, which are quite delicious. They are called \"Tang Fish\" and \"Tang Duck\" and were tributes to the emperor in Ming and Qing Dynasties.Traffic GuideName:Changsha Huitang Hot Spring (Huitang Wenquan)City:ChangshaAddress:Ningxiang CountyAdmission:FreeTel: 086-0731-87299229  How to get there: In the West Bus Station of Changsha City, there are regular bus to Huitang Village,and the morning shift starts at 6:20 AM. One can take bus from Changsha City to Ningxiang County and then take another bus to Huitang Village.In Ningxiang County every 20 minutes from 6:20 AM there a bus to Huitang.The buses to Lianyuan and Shaoshan also pass Huitang.
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