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  • Zhuzhou Yunyang Mountain National Forest Park

    Zhuzhou Yunyang Mountain National Forest Park

    Yunyang Mountain National Forest Park, a national 4A-level scenic spot, is located along the Mishui River in western Chaling County. It embodies elegance, tranquility, peril and uniqueness in its various landscapes as verdant ridges and peaks, rocks and caves, waterfalls and springs. Taoist abbeys and temples here, originally built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589), have always been regarded as blessed places to live in by people believing in Taoism and Buddhism for over 1,500 years.
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  • Yuelu Mountain Aiwan Pavilion

    Yuelu Mountain Aiwan Pavilion

    Changsha Aiwan Pavilion is located in Qingfeng Gorge of Yuelu Mountain, being ringed on three sides by montains.Changsha Aiwan Pavilion was first built in 1792 and was founded by Luo Dian, president ofYueluAcademy. It owned a name-Hongye Pavilion originally. Governor-general of Hu-Guang changed its name to Changsha Aiwan Pavilion according to some verse written by a famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu. Changsha Aiwan Pavilion gradually formed present pattern after multiple major repair in successively Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong, Republic of China and after the foundation of China.Nowadays, Changsha Aiwan Pavilion, Old Tipplers Pavilion (Built in 1046, in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province), Mid-Lake Pavilion (Built in 1552, in West Lake, Hangzhou) and Taoran Pavilion (built in 1695, in Beijing) are known as provincial culture and relic sites and four well-known pavilions in China.Aiwan Pavilion was destroyed during anti-Japanese war period and was rebuilt in 1952, and heavily repaired in 1987. A monument was set up then, with Chairman Mao’s holograph. Changsha Aiwan Pavilion has great influence on pavilions’ building in China. It can also be seen as a classical architecture among pavilions.Translated by Becky
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  • Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum

    Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum

    Hunan Bamboo Scripts Museum is located in the middle of Tianxin Pavilion and Baisha Ancient Well. Its design is Han dynasty style and take examples by high-platform building prevailed in three kingdoms period.Changsha comes up out of the ground the most quantity of bamboo slips in China. In 1996, more than 1700 Sunwu annals’ (Three kingdoms period) bamboo slips were come up in Zouma tower of Changsha City. That amount exceeded the overall amounts of bamboo scripts came up in China over the years. Due to the deficient historical materials in three kingdoms period, this batch of bamboo scripts were considered as “Great archaeological discovery”. In 2003, more than ten thousand Xihan bamboo scripts were discovered in Zouma Tower.Changsha Bamboo Scripts Museum has been the only modernize theme museum at home and abroad up to now, which combines collect, protection, settlement, research with display. It is also an important cultural scenic spot and an open window. This museum covers an area of about 5,000 square meters.Translated by Becky
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  • Changsha Ice World

    Changsha Ice World

    Changsha Ice World is the first large theme park aimed at art of ice engraving in Hunan province. It is divided into six scenic spots, having more than one hundred ice carvings which are elaborated by 32 top-level artists after months of work. Together with international leading LED light source, those ice carvings are more than beautiful. Within the exhibition hall of this theme park, you can enjoy ancient decorated archway, old castle and Jiangnan watertown. Visitors can also feel the mystery, beauty and change of ice art.Fantasy and glittering ice carvings will bring you to the fairy tale world. And the bright and exquisitely carved texture of ice carvings will also give you an unexpected visual feast.There is no spatial limit for one to enjoy the ice carving art from the North. In Changsha ice world, one after one vivid works of ice art will manage to gain your continuous praise undoubtedly.Translated by Becky
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  • Wangcheng Jinggang Ancient Town

    Wangcheng Jinggang Ancient Town

    Situated in Wangcheng county, Changsha city, Hunan province, Jinggang ancient town has a long history and rich culture deposits. Within a few li away, there stands a lake named Tuantou that lies 15 relics dated back to the Neolithic Age. In those relics, a great many antiques were digged out, such as stonewares and potteries.At one time, the town was popular for clogs, umbrella made of by oiled paper and bamboo frame and kites. Besides, it owned abundant folk arts. What’s more, its food, like smoked bean curd and baked fish is also a wonder.Speaking of its architecture, over a third of its building remains timber architecture, in which brick- wood building in late Qing dynasty are kept quite well now. On the bank of river, many stilted buildings existed for a long time, which contained the flavor of beautiful southern Chinese riverside town. In the town, there still exists a lot of religious building. Many people went to there to pray to Buddha.In a word, Jinggang ancient town is a great place to feel and experience the history and culture of China. Would you like to go on a trip here?By Emma
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  • Zhuzhou Jiubujiang National Geo-park

    Zhuzhou Jiubujiang National Geo-park

    Situated at Zhuzhou, Hunan, the east of You county, Jiubujiang National Geo-park stretches 193 square kilometers.It features in geographical heritage sights such as karst caves, underground rivers, natural holes, gorges, natural bridge, waterfall, lakes and fossil specimens, supplemented by cultural and ecological sights, which is a large-scale comprehensive national geological park combined with scientific and aesthetic value.There are 156 discovered karst caves, considered as the biggest karst cave group in Hunan or the most east area of China. Speaking of cave’s density, scale or unusual sights in it, it worth to be called “a world of Karst caves”or “Karst cave museum” Southern ormosia fir, a rare and endangered plants of national level 1, is another wonder in the geo-park.Rare and endangered Southern ormosia firBy Emma
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  • Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Shiyan Lake is a 5-square-kilometer scenic spot that is located in the junction of Changsha City, Zhuzhou City and Xiangtan City. It receives about 500 thousand visitors every year on average. In general, Shiyan Lake is not only one of the first batch of AAAA scenic spots evaluated by National Tourism Administration, but also the first wild animal park in Hunan Province, one of the top ten water-based tourist attractions in Hunan Province, a base for residents’ dragon-boat racing and one of the most popular resorts in the eyes of Changsha citizens.Shiyan Lake is hugged by various mountains and blue water. Over here, the forest coverage rate exceeds 98%, with a good reputation as “Natural oxygen bar” since its high content of anion. In addition, Shiyan Lake also has deep cultural deposits, for instance, Guandi Ancient Spring. Up to now, more than ten characteristic tourist projects such as the Shiyan mountain villa, water recreation center, horse racing club, diving club, outward bound base, etc. has already been built.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhuzhou Yunyang National Forest Park

    Zhuzhou Yunyang National Forest Park

    Hunan Yunyang National Forest Park, located in Chaling County, Zhuzhou City, 2.5km away from the center of town, is an originated land of Shennong culture. Being not only a summer retreat land, but also a blessed land which has been worshipped by Buddhist and Taoist, it has won the laudatory titles like “Second Heng Mountain”and so on.Hunan Yunyang National Forest Park collects beauty of elegance, serenity, danger and wonder together.Wandering in Yunyang Temple which was originally built in Tang Dynasty, you will fall into this peaceful land with bamboos clustered around, caves situated closely and spring water murmuring. Interesting, this old temple sometimes was served as Buddhist Temple, sometimes Taoist Abbey and sometimes academy of classical learning. Huang Tingjian, a famous poet and calligrapher in Northern Song Dynasty, ever stayed a night here and since then yearned for a life far away from earthly world. There is another scenic spot named Wulei Pool. It is not special at first look. However, when attaching your ear close to the rock, you will hear the sound of rat-tat in rock. It is said that water in Wulei Pool can clear eye and hear and can strengthen body. So, tourists will definitely bring home several bottles of Wulei Pool water.If you want to relax yourself and get away from trouble of earthly world, just come to here and enjoy yourself.By Patricia
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