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  • Changsha Pozi Food Street

    Changsha Pozi Food Street

    The formed year of Pozi Street can not be found now. But, According to the legend passed on by residents there, it formed in Sui and Tang Dynasties or earlier. It was once considered as the only road between ancient Tangming town and Sanjiao ancient city. Now, Changsha Pozi Street is created as a gourmet street headed by Huogong Palace.The main special snacks there mainly include plum syrup, fermented bean curb, Candy baba, Zongzi, taste shrimp, hotpot and so on.Translated by Becky
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  • Liuyang Huanglong Canyon

    Liuyang Huanglong Canyon

    1, Brief  Introduction of Huanglong CanyonHuanglong Canyon, as an eco-tourism zone which locates in one of China’s Excellent Tourism Cities — Gugang County, Liuyang City (a city famous for producing fireworks), possesses one of the most attractive, most exciting, most amusing and nearest raft zones in Changsha City. It takes over one-hour ride to get there setting out from Changsha and 20 minutes from Liuyang downtown.2, Characteristics of Huanglong Canyon Rafting① The primitive appearance of rafting ways have been totally reserved under professors’ meticulous design.② High drop height makes the rafting exciting and dynamic.③ Two-seat drift boat prepared for lover makes drift romantic.④ The drift water is too clear to see the bottom of the river and cool as well.⑤ Misty rain overcasts the canyon and rainbow appears at times.⑥ Well-designed drift boats are safe and comfortable.⑦ Large capacity can accept 7000 persons per day at most.⑧ You can drift whenever you arrive here.3, Ticket Price: 168 Yuan∕Person.4, Opening Time: 9:00 — 17:00By Patricia
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  • Ningxiang Thousand-Buddhist Caves

    Ningxiang Thousand-Buddhist Caves

    Located in Cuiping Township, Ningxiang County, Thousand-Buddhist Caves is famous for its caves formed 360 million years ago and rare canyons inside caves. Cuiping Township, 62 km away from western mountainous area of Ningxiang Couty, is characterized by picturesque scenery that Stone Dragon Cave, Narrow Gorge, Monkey Mountain and Juvenile Reservoir draw the elegance and magnificence of Cuiping.Stone Dragon Cave whose original name is Thirteen Cave locates under the elegant Stone Dragon Mountain. It is originally called such a name for thirteen interlink caves making it and gathers the most limestone and karst cave in Changsha City. Caves interlink caves and caves inside caves make it mysterious. What’s more, large one can contain thousands of people while the narrow one can only pass one person. All kinds of stones, underground rivers and waterfalls which make the cave warm in winter and cool in summer cover everywhere.Getting Out from Stone Dragon Cave which is as long as 2300 meters, Narrow Gorge with cliffs is waiting for you after one-kilometer ride. It is absolutely a resort for rafting. Passing through the gorge, climbing to the stone road covered by forest shadow, then you reach the Monkey Mountain where on the top of the 1100-meter main peak gives you a sense of general view. Down from the west of Monkey Mountain, you will arrive at a small-scale reservoir—Juvenile Reservoir.The Thousand-Buddhist Caves gathers all kinds of beautiful natural sceneries. It is absolutely a resort for sightseeing. Come and enjoy yourself!By Patricia
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  • Zhuzhou Shennong Valley National Forest Park

    Zhuzhou Shennong Valley National Forest Park

    Shennong Valley National Forest Park, located 45km away from Wanyang Mountain in the east of Yanling County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. and 12km away from Jingang Mountain where Chair Mao ever established revolution base area, is a great resort for avoiding hot summer, relaxation, recuperation and exploration. It is a natural green wonderland and zoological garden with forest coverage rate over 90 percent.In Shennong Valley National Forest Park, there are 6 scenic zones and over 40 scenic spots. Elegance, delight, wonders and danger contains in mountain, water, stone and woods. 6 Main scenic zones include Stone Hugged by Tree, Bead Curtain Waterfall, Shibian Stone, A Thread of Sky, Flagstone, Lion Cliff, Dragon Pool and Galaxy.The scenic spot of Dragon Pool and Galaxy is of grand sight. Jinghua Stream and Menghua Stream merges into a milky way which flows unceasingly like running wild horse. That is why it is called galaxy. Wild stream sometimes is hindered by giant stone and sometimes falls down from high place, thus, a bottomless stone pool formed. White waves rise as high as heaven in the pool just like a dragon dancing wildly. So, it is also called Dragon Pool.If you have inclination to visit this park, here is a kind reminder for you. The cosy days in Shennong National Forest Park is as long as 114 days and the comfortable tourism time is from the middle ten days of April to November.By Patricia
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  • Liuyang Large House of Shen Family

    Liuyang Large House of Shen Family

    Large House of Shen Family, A historical heritage which is both valuable in architecture and historical relics of Changsha, located in Longfu Town, Liuyang City which is also the world-famous hometown of firework, is a pretty treasurable specimen of southern folk house in late Qing Dynasty left after several ruthless wars.Covering an area of over 10000 square meter, Large House of Shen Family with a plain appearance possesses 17 rooms and over 30 galleries which connects over 20 storeyed buildings and over 200 folk houses. Walking into the large house, you feel just like entering into a maze with overlapped rooms, winding lanes and galleries and courtyard in a tangled mess, which makes you can’t tell west from east.It is said that the first owner, Shen Tuanjiu, originally a cooker, however, showed special preference to reading and learning. Finally, through his and his descendants’ diligent hard work, great property of Shen Family achieved. At the present time, most of the descendant moved away from the old house and only about 10 families stayed. Though having gone through hundred year’s up and down, the house has been well preserved.By Patricia
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  • Changsha Underwater World

    Changsha Underwater World

    Near Liuyang River, Changsha underwater world consists of five functional zones: marine museum, polar animals’ museum, science and education museum, Water Park and children’s park. Changsha underwater world combines sightseeing, relaxation, entertainment with popularization of science altogether. This marine theme park has the most species, the most abundant programme content, and the best property of participation and the most sense of fashion. What’s more,Changsha underwater world is an AAAA scenic spot and is awarded as an educational base for ocean science popularization by Chinese Ocean Association and Hunan Association for Science and Technology.In Changsha underwater world, you can see thousands of different marine organisms, such as shark, loggerhead, coral reef, conch, starfish and seashell. Besides viewing, you can also pay to dive feed fancy carp, sea turtle, seal, touch shark, starfish and intimate contact dolphin, white whale and many other activities. You can enjoy the fun of having close contact with marine animals.Translated by Becky
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  • Changsha Botanical Garden

    Changsha Botanical Garden

    With an area of more than 2000 mu,Changsha Botanical Gardenis a huge natural oxygen bank, providing a square meter area of green land for every Changsha citizen. Founded in 1985, it has later developed into Tianjiling National Forest Park of Changsha and Hunan Provincial Wildlife Rescue Center after being approved by States Forestry Bureau. Broad-leaved forest makes up of its main tree species and forest coverage rate tops 90%.Therefore, the air is clean and fresh there, which is a treasure in an industrialized society. Adjacent to the Changsha Southern Bus Station, it’s very convenient to get there. After twenty years’ development, it has become a comprehensive botanical garden featuring by flora and fauna, with scientific research, production, ecological tourism, sports and leisure rolled into one.By Brenda
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  • Qi Baishi Former Residence and Memorial Hall

    Qi Baishi Former Residence and Memorial Hall

    The Former Residence and Memorial Hall of Qi Baishi, a famous master of traditonal Chinese painting, is situated in Baishipu, Xiangtan County. The house consists of earthen walls and a thatched roof. In the memorial hall, the paintings, wooden carvings, seals, poems and artides (articles) by Qi Baishi are on display in addition to his stationeries and utilities for daily use.Transport : Bus No.3 from Xiangtan to Former Residence of Qi BaishiTel :(86)732-58257853 (Memorial Hall)Opening hours:8:30 -17:00 h5{ color:#000; font-size:12px; font-weight:bold; margin:15px 0 0 0}.relnews a{ padding:8px 0 3px 0; line-height:22px; border-bottom:dashed #069 1px; display:block;}
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