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  • Zhuzhou Jiubujiang National Geo-park

    Zhuzhou Jiubujiang National Geo-park

    Situated at Zhuzhou, Hunan, the east of You county, Jiubujiang National Geo-park stretches 193 square kilometers.It features in geographical heritage sights such as karst caves, underground rivers, natural holes, gorges, natural bridge, waterfall, lakes and fossil specimens, supplemented by cultural and ecological sights, which is a large-scale comprehensive national geological park combined with scientific and aesthetic value.There are 156 discovered karst caves, considered as the biggest karst cave group in Hunan or the most east area of China. Speaking of cave’s density, scale or unusual sights in it, it worth to be called “a world of Karst caves”or “Karst cave museum” Southern ormosia fir, a rare and endangered plants of national level 1, is another wonder in the geo-park.Rare and endangered Southern ormosia firBy Emma
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  • Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Shiyan Lake is a 5-square-kilometer scenic spot that is located in the junction of Changsha City, Zhuzhou City and Xiangtan City. It receives about 500 thousand visitors every year on average. In general, Shiyan Lake is not only one of the first batch of AAAA scenic spots evaluated by National Tourism Administration, but also the first wild animal park in Hunan Province, one of the top ten water-based tourist attractions in Hunan Province, a base for residents’ dragon-boat racing and one of the most popular resorts in the eyes of Changsha citizens.Shiyan Lake is hugged by various mountains and blue water. Over here, the forest coverage rate exceeds 98%, with a good reputation as “Natural oxygen bar” since its high content of anion. In addition, Shiyan Lake also has deep cultural deposits, for instance, Guandi Ancient Spring. Up to now, more than ten characteristic tourist projects such as the Shiyan mountain villa, water recreation center, horse racing club, diving club, outward bound base, etc. has already been built.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhuzhou Yunyang National Forest Park

    Zhuzhou Yunyang National Forest Park

    Hunan Yunyang National Forest Park, located in Chaling County, Zhuzhou City, 2.5km away from the center of town, is an originated land of Shennong culture. Being not only a summer retreat land, but also a blessed land which has been worshipped by Buddhist and Taoist, it has won the laudatory titles like “Second Heng Mountain”and so on.Hunan Yunyang National Forest Park collects beauty of elegance, serenity, danger and wonder together.Wandering in Yunyang Temple which was originally built in Tang Dynasty, you will fall into this peaceful land with bamboos clustered around, caves situated closely and spring water murmuring. Interesting, this old temple sometimes was served as Buddhist Temple, sometimes Taoist Abbey and sometimes academy of classical learning. Huang Tingjian, a famous poet and calligrapher in Northern Song Dynasty, ever stayed a night here and since then yearned for a life far away from earthly world. There is another scenic spot named Wulei Pool. It is not special at first look. However, when attaching your ear close to the rock, you will hear the sound of rat-tat in rock. It is said that water in Wulei Pool can clear eye and hear and can strengthen body. So, tourists will definitely bring home several bottles of Wulei Pool water.If you want to relax yourself and get away from trouble of earthly world, just come to here and enjoy yourself.By Patricia
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  • Changsha Kaifu Temple

    Changsha Kaifu Temple

    Brief Introduction:Hunan Kaifu Temple, situated in Kaifusi Road, Kaifu district,Changsha city, is a famous temple of the Chan sect. Buddhism Association of Hunan province and Changsha city are set up here for the high status of this temple. It is of magnificent scale covering an area of 16000 m². Besides, its long history that it was originally built in the Five Dynasties period makes it mysterious and great.In Kai Fu Temple, the Great Buddha’s Hall is the main place for Buddhists’ cultivation and locates in the center of the temple. Preach Hall, Meditation House are built in the west side of the temple while Guest Reception Room, Abstinence Hall, Storeroom and Living Room of Buddhist Abbot are situated in the east side.Tour Guidance:Ticket price: 10yuan/person;Opening time: 9:00 a.m. ― 18:00 p.m. (it’ll be prolonged during festivals and holidays);Available bus: No. 111,132,142,143,149,368,406,501,807,907.By Patricia
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  • Changsha Tianxin Pavilion

    Changsha Tianxin Pavilion

    Tianxin Pavilion is an important scenic spot in Changsha City, Hunan Province. It is also the only remaining ancient city mark.Tianxin pavilion is located in the center of Changsha City. Generally, Tianxin Pavilion is a historical spot that takes Tianxin ancient pavilion and ancient city wall as main scenic spots. Since Ming dynasty, Tianxin Pavilioin has been seeing as the sign of ancient Changsha City. All the time, it owns a good reputation as “Xiaoxiang ancient pavilion, Qin and Han famous city”.Tianxin Pavilion was first built in Ming Dynasty and was rebuilt in Qianlong period. In 1938, it was destroyed by “Wenxi Fire”. In 1983, it got rebuilt. After that, besides its original main pavilion, 2 bilaminar auxiliary pavilions, Xiangpeng Bird’s body and both wings were added referring to ancient Yueyang Tower.Nowadays, Tianxin Pavilion becomes a new park in southern Changsha. Over there, photography, diet, refreshments, subsidiary foods and artworks are seen. Besides, there are also rockeries, pavilions and fishponds. Flowers and plants decorate this wooded new park. Many people come here to do exercises, read books or have some tea everyday.Now, Tianxin Pavilion is an 4A rated scenic spot, a historical and cultural pavilion in China.Translated by Becky
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  • Changsha Moon Island

    Changsha Moon Island

    Changsha Moon Island(Yueliang Island),Situated in west bank of Xiang River 14 km far away from the northwest of Changsha downtown in Hunan, Moon Island(Yueliang Island) is a newly exploited scenic spot which is characterized by natural scenery. It is given such name for its moonlike shape.Along the island, ring form dyke was built in 1975. Inside the dyke, corps like rice, sesame, sunflower, peanut and economic trees like orange tree, mulberry, fishscale bamboo and so on have been planted. Outside the dyke, weeping willows, Italian poplars, reeds and so on have been planted.Since 1980s, holiday village has been building. Flowering wood for viewing and appreciation like sago cycas, yacca etc. covers over 120 mu. Now foreign capital for building international holiday resort is investing in for construction offorest park, amusement park, sports center over water, golf course, commercial center, holiday center and so on.MoonIslandwill absolutely give you a brand new experience of holiday village which can at the same time entertain yourself and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.It is waiting for your visit.By Brenda
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  • Daweishan National Forest Park

    Daweishan National Forest Park

    Hunan Mount Dawei National Forest Park(Daweishan), situated in northeastern part of Liuyang City 148 km away from Changsha City in Hunan Province, is characterized by flourishing forest, teeming resources, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate and is given the laudatory title “Green and Bright Pearl in Eastern Hunan” for primitive secondary forest and planted forest blending into a harmonious whole and forming a green sea. In the park, 23 plant groups and over 3000 species concluding 17 varieties of trees which are ranked as first and second grade national preserved trees and over 60 kinds of wild animals in which 14 kinds are listed into first and second country-level protected rare animals have been found. It is really deserve the title of “Natural Museum of Animals and Plants”.Ordinary people may indulge themselves in the beautiful scenery here while biologists jump out of their skins for finding a kingdom of natural species. In spring, you can hear birds singing, streams flowing and smell fragrance of flowers. In summer, on theMountWuzi,ghentazaleas, in brilliant purples and reds, are all in bloom scattering over the whole mountain. In late autumn, maples paint mountains red while pines and bamboos remain green. Appreciating sunrise at dawn and sunset at dusk are also great enjoyment for you. In winter, snow encloses the park and ice bars decorate mountains. While you enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the white world, you can also excite yourself by playing snow skating. In a word, no matter for leisure or adventure, Mount Dawei National Forest Park must be a good choice.By Brenda                     
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  • Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Changsha Shiyan Lake

    Situated in the junction of Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan City and 10 to 20 km away from the three cities in Hunan, Shiyan Lake, an ecotourism spot, covering an area of 15 km², is the first batch of tourism spots which is graded AAA level by National Tourism Bureau. What’s more, it’s the first wild animal park in Hunan and one of the Top Ten Most Popular Scenic Spots in Changsha.The Shiyan Lake is hugged by mountains, just as a bright pearl lying among them. It is a paradise for entertainments. Various entertaining programs like Water Pouring Festival, playing banana boat, riding a horse, water skiing, playing kart, water golf, rock climbing, barbecue, immortal CS and so on are waiting for you.By Brenda#gallery-1 {margin: auto;}#gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 33%;}#gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;}#gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;}
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